Update on My Brother Innovis 80

I am happy to report that a major project at work that has long been encroaching on my personal time is now finished!  I hope that means I can get back to more regularly posting here.

To start, since Vicki and Vera had been kind enough to comment and ask about my machine, I thought I would devote a post to my machine’s latest adventures.

While I have not tackled sewing denim with it, I have done several fleece projects and one with upholstery fabric.  I did attempt to sew through 6 layers of fleece and the machine balked.  But 2 of those layers were fluffy fleece…not the regular felted fleece…and the fur got caught in the bobbin plate.  I think the machine could have handled the 6 layers IF it not for the fur.

I have also used the machine recently to sew a stretch velvet top.  Sometimes that kind of fabric can be quite slippery and it won’t stay put.  But I had no problems.

I am also hoping to finish a wool crepe dress before Easter.  It is purple and since I live in the northern US, a wool dress will work for Easter.

So the Brother Innovis has been a good buy for me.  I hope this helps answer some of your questions!



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