New Sewing Machine – Brother Innovis 80

My mother-in-law bought me a sewing machine several years ago. My own mother had bought me a sewing machine several years before that. So, I’ve been blessed with 2 really great machines for the past several years.

But both machines lacked the ability to do automatic buttonholes, blind hems and good stretch stitches. So, I’ve been in the market for the past several months for a new, more modern machine.

At the sewing expo that I attended last month, I stopped by the Brother booth to take a look at their offerings when I encountered this beauty…

Brother Innovis 80

I feel like a new car owner. This machine has 80 different stitches, including 10 different types of buttonholes. It’s easy to use. It’s quiet to use and it does a fabulous job. Threading the top needle and the bobbin couldn’t be easier. And although I’ve only used the straight stitch, buttonholes and blind hems, I’ve been really pleased thus far!


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9 Responses to “New Sewing Machine – Brother Innovis 80”

  1. Kathleen Wanda Says:

    Where can you buy these machines? Do you still like it? Thanks, kathleen

  2. lynnelizabeth Says:

    I got my machine from a Brother sewing machine dealer. I LOVE it. It is really easy to use and I have now used it for several different types of fabrics i.e. fleece, stretch, wool, linings, etc. and it has handled them all very nicely. I would highly recommend it.

  3. Don Ann Says:

    Does this machine do monogramming?

  4. Jenny Says:

    To answer the question: Does this machine do monogramming?

    The Brother Innov-is 80 has stitches you can select to sew in the shape of letters, numbers and a few punctuation marks. Technically, i don’t think this is considered monogramming since this is not an embroidery machine the letters are not satin-stiched. I would say that it does straight-stitching in the shape of letters & numbers.

    Also, because this is not an embroidery machine, you cannot adjust the length or width/height of the letters and you only get capital letters and only in a single style. I have not measured, but eye-balling it I would say the letter M is about 1/2 inch long and 1/2 inch wide.

    For more info about this and other Brother machines, visit thier website:

    I visited that sight a lot before I bought this machine 2 days ago. You can even download the full manual (if you have Acrobat Reader) and read it online.

    Hope that all makes sense and is helpful 🙂

    In reply to the original post – I, too, have been telling people that I feel like I just bought my first brand new car off the lot (this is my first new sewing machine). Now I don’t feel so weird for saying that! 🙂

    I’ve been sewing on machines for 22 years and only had hand-me-down mechanical machines before. The features that even the bottom-of-the-line machines have now a-days intimidated me at first, e.g. needle up/down button, automatic threading, etc. There are major differences so I definitely recommend taking any machine you’re considering for a test drive. I feel like I’m almost learning to sew all over again, but it’s worth it for all the new possibilities and lack of noise with this machine.

    Thanks for the post and I heartly agree with recommending this machine.

    🙂 Jenny

  5. Vickie Says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Interested in how your new machine is doing now. I can not find any reviews on this machine and would like to hear more.
    How is it for hemming jeans over flat felt seams, sewing over layers, does it feed material lightweight at the end when starting or does it suck it down into the bottom.
    I think it is a really cute machine and been debating between this one and a Janome. I like the lightweight of the Brother, the Janome I am looking at weighs more.

  6. Vera Says:

    I’m also curious to find out how your machine is doing now. The Brother rebate ends at the end of this month and my current machine’s broken. I already took my Brother machine in to the authorized shop and instead of putting in money to fix it my money will serve better to trade up and take advantage of the rebate. This is the model the shop recommends. I do mostly quilting but I cannot afford an expensive Innov-is right now. I do like Brother machines though. Thank you for any feedback!

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I do some home dec work, including making leather pillows, so I was looking at possibly needing a light industrial machine. I went in to my local dealer thinking the Singer would fit my needs, but the salesperson had me test drive this Innovis – absolutely unbelievable in it’s power – sewed through 2 layers of leather like butter (regular needle!). It’s quiet and a nice small size. Speedy too! I needed to think about this, and have decided to go back & purchase one. If you are going to be sewing on heavier fabrics – as well as regular weights – this is The One! – Jennifer

  8. Jan Snedigar Says:

    What a sweet machine! The integrity of the stitching is superb, and machines 4X its price don’t have 7 feed dogs! Consumer Reports is right about this being a BEST BUY–sophisticated design and function at a reasonable price. And it is REALLY easy to use–very intuitive.

  9. Georgia Says:

    My old Pfaff can’t be reparied. I’m really interested in this model but need to know how it handles layers of thick fabric like decorative pillows with piping or trim.

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