Simplicity 3461 – Completed

June 30, 2008

I’ve actually been doing a lot of sewing lately, but haven’t finished anything except this Simplicity dress.

Simplicity 3461

I was surprised at how easily it went together.  Usually my sewing projects start well and go really nicely until one of the very last steps that blows the entire thing.  That didn’t happen here.  I managed to get the whole thing sewn together without any large mistakes or problems.

I hope I can finish my other projects in the same way!


Update on My Brother Innovis 80

March 18, 2008

I am happy to report that a major project at work that has long been encroaching on my personal time is now finished!  I hope that means I can get back to more regularly posting here.

To start, since Vicki and Vera had been kind enough to comment and ask about my machine, I thought I would devote a post to my machine’s latest adventures.

While I have not tackled sewing denim with it, I have done several fleece projects and one with upholstery fabric.  I did attempt to sew through 6 layers of fleece and the machine balked.  But 2 of those layers were fluffy fleece…not the regular felted fleece…and the fur got caught in the bobbin plate.  I think the machine could have handled the 6 layers IF it not for the fur.

I have also used the machine recently to sew a stretch velvet top.  Sometimes that kind of fabric can be quite slippery and it won’t stay put.  But I had no problems.

I am also hoping to finish a wool crepe dress before Easter.  It is purple and since I live in the northern US, a wool dress will work for Easter.

So the Brother Innovis has been a good buy for me.  I hope this helps answer some of your questions!

Been Sew Long!

February 15, 2008

Well it’s been so long since I have posted, but I did finish one project during this time.  I made this…

…the middle view in a lovely purple and black knit.  I’ve been wearing it with black boots and it is fabulous!  It was incredibly simple and went together quite nicely.

I won’t have too much time for sewing for about 2 more weeks, but then I hope to finish a couple of projects!

Couldn’t help myself.

December 13, 2007

For some reason I really like brocade.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about the shiny fabric and vivid colors that inspires me.

I did this jacket quite early in the year.

It’s great to throw on over a t-shirt and jeans.  The butterflies make it a tad less serious too.

My Latest Project – Vogue 7883

November 28, 2007

Now that my family Thanksgiving is over, I get to resume my normal life. Sunday I managed to finish 2 projects on my new sewing machine. The first was the following pattern…

I made the two items on the right in a fleece so I will be toasty warm this winter. I used a peach color fleece and then trimmed it with black edging. The entire thing went together very nicely.

My other project was a long-sleeved robe. I also made it in fleece…this time using a zebra print for the main part of the robe and a fuzzy black fabric for the collar. I have to stitch down the black fabric and then hem the sleeves and bottom and make the belt. And then I should be warm for the winter!

New Sewing Machine – Brother Innovis 80

November 14, 2007

My mother-in-law bought me a sewing machine several years ago. My own mother had bought me a sewing machine several years before that. So, I’ve been blessed with 2 really great machines for the past several years.

But both machines lacked the ability to do automatic buttonholes, blind hems and good stretch stitches. So, I’ve been in the market for the past several months for a new, more modern machine.

At the sewing expo that I attended last month, I stopped by the Brother booth to take a look at their offerings when I encountered this beauty…

Brother Innovis 80

I feel like a new car owner. This machine has 80 different stitches, including 10 different types of buttonholes. It’s easy to use. It’s quiet to use and it does a fabulous job. Threading the top needle and the bobbin couldn’t be easier. And although I’ve only used the straight stitch, buttonholes and blind hems, I’ve been really pleased thus far!

McCall’s 6714

November 13, 2007

I’ve been on the lookout for some dress patterns that would be suitable for winter wearing here in Chicago.  And while the dress on the right doesn’t initially look a winter dress, if I made it with long sleeves, it would be great with a pair of boots.   That cool boat neckline would be perfect to pair with a scarf!  Now I have to decide what color and what to do for buttons.  Because on a pattern like this…it’s all about the fun buttons!

The Houndstooth Jacket

November 12, 2007

For the first time in over a month, I managed to finish a project today.  Introducing my new houndstooth jacket made from Simplicity’s 4412 (View C without the cuffs).  Another reason why this project is so special is because it is the first item I’ve made on my new sewing machine (see more about that in an upcoming post).  I’m pleased with the way the jacket turned out; it’s princess seamed, so it is very fitted.  I plan on wearing it with a pair of jeans and black boots.  The fabric has just a touch of silver thread in the fabric which makes it look really nice with a pair of silver hoop earrings.

Behind the jacket, you can see the color that I just painted my dining room and kitchen.  And that should give you an idea of why it’s taken me a month to finish the jacket.

Another 2007 Sewing Project – McCalls 4786

November 9, 2007

This isn’t a good picture and doesn’t really flatter the dress, but this was one of my favorite projects this year.


 The dress was made from McCalls 4786.  It went together really easily and the fabric has just a bit of stretch, making the dress really comfortable.   I paired it with gold flat sandals and some gold hoops and I felt fabulous every time I wore it this summer.

The pattern shows some trim right above the ruffle, but there wasn’t any ribbon I could find that would go nicely with the dress, so I skipped that part of it.  But I loved how it turned out anyway.

McCall’s 4425

November 8, 2007

This was one of the patterns that arrived in my Ebay treasure trove.  When I saw it, my first impressions were along the lines of “how nice” and “that would be great to make”.  It’s even in my size, so no modifications were necessary.

 And then my sister informed me that this pattern sells for $140 on several vintage pattern sites.   I didn’t really have anywhere to wear it anyway.